An introduction to Legion Zygor Guides

Guide being reviewed: Legion Zygor Guides

Zygor guides has been providing World of Warcraft guides since 2008, which means 2016 is their 9th year in the game. They claim to have the most effective guides in the world with aspect of the game included in their 6 guides, which are all included in the Legion Zygor Guides.

– Leveling & Loremaster
– Gold & professions
– Dungeons & Gear
– Pets & Mounts
– Dailies & Reputation
– Titles & Achievements

There are probably as many thoughts and opinions about Zygor as there are customers, but I will give an honest review of the guide as the Legion expansion is around the corner.

The first impression I got from Zygor was that the website looked professional, and the installation process was done in 30 seconds. There is a tutorial video included if you in any case would have some problem with the installation.
Zygor is completely integrated in game and will continue to be so for WoW Legion as well. You will never feel the need to alt-tab to check anything on the web again. Everything is right in front of you on your screen ready to make your gaming easier. I can tell you it sure does.

There is a whole team of developers, experts and support ready to help you in case you would run in to any error while playing. For an example, the guides are comprehensive and will be able to tell if you and your friend is on different steps of a quest chain, and will tell you what option is better for the both of you.
Zygor has been creating all kinds of World of Warcraft guides for more than eight years, and this has resulted in experience that no other guide developer can match.

So, whats the price?

The guides used to be expensive – each guide cost $35 for one faction or $50 for both factions. If you wanted the whole package for both Alliance and Horde, it would cost you a whopping $300 total. The new Zygor Elite subscription includes get ALL SIX guides for $7.99 a month. Yes, that is correct. You can cancel it at any time if you, like me, tend to have a few weeks off of the game from times to times.

Try 7 days for free! I can guarantee you will fall in love with it.

1. There’s a 3d model viewer that will show you exactly how every mob/object you are trying to kill/find looks. I can’t emphasize how useful this is.
2. The guide is constructed to show you the fastest possible way to do everything. Let me give you an example: while questing you will find yourself with 10+ quests at the same time in a zone pretty often. Zygor may show you that it’s more efficient if you pick up five of them, get another quest somewhere else and then move on.
3. I was the first one to level 100 (!!!) in my guild.
4. The amount of details. Often there are footnotes that will give you the extra boost to find that maddening object seeming to be completely lost. The small sentences like “the book is in on the bed to the left” or “Mob X will spawn on the staircase”.
5. Free updates available right away. Also free updates when new expansions launch. This means that you won’t need to do anything when Legion launches – just go online and level up!
6. Zygor Elite. $7.99 instead of $300, who does not approve that discount?

1. I’ve experienced LUA errors even though having a fully updated version of the guide. Noone likes LUA.
2. The garrison hearthstone isn’t used at all. (This is now fixed)
3. I had some problems with the beast gear function in the beginning, but it seems to have gotten better. Even though I still get angry at it when it tries to battle me about which piece of gear is better when I’m clearly not wrong.

I like it. It’s complete as no other guide, easy to use, and effective as ****. It once told me to grind mobs, enter a battleground or a dungeon to get 1/3 of a bar to level up. I chose the grinding, which reminded me of the crude pain that comes along when just killing endless of monsters without any real purpose. Thankfully, that only happened once and I used to do this way more often when I didn’t have the guide. You can do everything with this guide, it’s like having integrated in the game. You can get that rare mount, gear, profession, gold, titles and acheivments for $7.99. I will continue to use Legion Zygor Elite guides for World of Warcraft Legion.

Are you still not sure? Or are you ready to give it a try? Click here either way, and let Zygor do the job for you!