Demon Hunters – what do we know?

As we all know, Blizzard will introduce a new hero class for Legion: Demon Hunters. We’ve got an alpha key for the expansion and this is what we know about the class for the moment.

Main facts:

  • Demon Hunters are elves. That means they can only be played as Night Elves or Blood Elves.
  • They can wear cloth and leather. Preferably leather.
  • It’s a Hero Class. Death Knights starts at level 55 and Demon Hunters will start at level 98 to be able to jump right into action.
  • Available specs will be Havoc (for DPS) and Vengeance (for Tanking). There will only be two specs.
  • Weapons: They will use glaive weapons for both slots. There will be information about this later on in the article.

Customization of Demon Hunters:

Demon Hunters will obtain the largest amount of customization options out of any class in Legion. During n interview at BlizzCon, Chris Robinson (Senior Art Director at Blizzard) said that they used Death Knights as a base for customization, and then added another “30% epicness”. A few of many options to be available are:


– Chest tattoos in a handful different colors and shades.

– Loads of options for horn and blindfolds.

– A unique mash of skin tones and hair colors, just as Death Knights.

– Demon Hunter gear will be custom made to uncover muscles and tattoos.




Demon Hunters will, just as the other classes, be able to use powerful Artifact weapons in Legion. There are some glimpses of information about these yet – but we will serve you everything we know. The Artifact weapon you start with will have one base appearance, with several additional choices to be unlocked during the game. Every weapon will have 5 styles for each spec and 4 different colors.


Demonfused and starter              Flametouched                              Empowered                                      Default                            Fanged

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Watch all the Demon Hunter Artifacts weapons in the video below: