World of Warcraft: Legion – Guide of the plot

Neither Horde nor Alliance are safe when doom arrives and a great shadow is cast all over Azeroth. In this completely new part in the saga of Warcraft, the Burning Legion has returned once again to bring their former fallen hero, Sargeras, Ravager of Worlds, forth.
As Azeroth is falling to pieces by the wrath of the Burning Legion, it’s heroes must seek cover in the old ruins of the Broken Isles, the starting ground for myths dating back to the days of creation and the doomed center of the ancient Night Elf civilization. Without hope and against all odds they must master legendary artifacts that only them have the potential to put an end to the corrupted armies of the legion. Also make a pact with the dread Demon Hunters of the Illidari.


The famous Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage

World of Warcraft: Legion is set after the events of the previous expansion and it returns the focus to the main universe where all the heroes brace Azeroth to protect it form a large invasion by the Burning Legion. To prevent the attempt of bringing back Sargeas to the world the heroes must retrace all the steps of Maiey Shadowsong back to the Broken Isles. She chased Illidan into the Tomb of Sargeras when trying to find some of the forgotten tools for the new fight. Like the Pillars of Creation. Another thing they need to find is a new portal in the island chain that Gul’dan once opened. Gul’Dan who is a powerful orc warlock comes from the alternate timeline of Draenor and know more about the place than any living creature.

During the final stages of Warlords of Draenor , the Horde and Alliance forces working together believe they put a stop to Gul’Dan’s attempt of bringing the Burning Legion to the alternate timeline in Azeroth. They were wrong. Khadgar fortells that he was in fact not destroyed when the assault on Hellfire Citadel happened, but sent back to Aeroth, the main timeline. There he has discovered new ways for bringing the Burning Legion over in an attack against Azeroth. With the goal to summon the creator of the Legion, Sargeras.
The Legion has been in hiding growing their army much larger in preparation for their third attempt to invade Aeroth.


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