Guide to World of Warcraft: Legion flying mounts

In the past expansions, we’re used to get to know the new locations by ground mounts. Will it be the same for Legion?

World Of Warcraft players won’t have to walk everywhere for too long when the new exciting expansion Legion is released. The designer which name is Ion Hazzikostas even says that we will be able to use our flying mounts while exploring the new zones.

It was during one of the live developer chats when he confirmed that players later will be able to earn their right to fly by completing a special achievement.
We will have to wait until Patch 7.0 for the achievement to be introduced. That is the major patch before the release of World of Warcraft: Legion. Even though this won’t be necessary before the expansion goes live it might give you headway to plan you’re questing route since you know the requirements.

We’ve had flying mount since we were introduced of them by the first expansion pack. Here the principle was that you had to hit the new level cap and then getting a lot od gold for the flight skill.

The expansion in action right now, Warlords of Draenor, was the first to put an end to the tradition by removing the right to fly. It was said to increase the outdoor feeling of the game, and they are right: Everything becomes bigger with room for a lot of exploration, more secrets and the feeling of being unsafe from time to time.

For some players this was an outrage. Not only was the community angry because they lost the privilege of flying everywhere but a lot of them also much time collecting gold to purchase flying mounts.

These surprises made Blizzard completely rethink their plans. Because of that they added achievements with a lot of treasure-hunting that allowed players to fly in the Warlords of Draneor zones while finished with them. That’s why we’ve come to the conclusion that the achievements will be similar in World of Warcraft: Legion. Guides will of course be provided for the players.

The first thing at least I did while hitting the level cap before was running of and buying the flying skill and mount. Even though I won’t be able to that this time there’s still a lot to look forward to when hitting the max level. Tall of the new dungeons, raids and the honor system seems great and I’m actually looking forward to completing the achievements that’s required to fly as well. Sure it might take some time but there will be a lot of fun while doing it.