The new Legion PvP system – No honor gear?

Along with the new expansion Legion, Blizzard will release a completely new Legion PvP system. In the new Honor system you will no longer grind for honor to purchase gear with but instead gain Honor Levels that allows you to add talents in a PvP talent tree.

The new system is a lot like Call of Duty’s where you gain levels and when you hit the maximum level you can prestige, in other word start over.

Here’s how it really works:

Now while earning Honor you will increase your Honor Level instead. The maximum level is 50 and for each level you increase you will be rewarded. The rewards will be talents available for PvP only, artifact powers and gold. The Honor Talents works like the regular talent tree where you can add new specs as you level. Theses talents will be completely limited to PvP though and will not work outside Arenas or Battlegrounds.

When you’ve reached the maximum Honor Level of 50 you will be able to prestige if you want to. This will set your Honor Level back to one and remove all of your unlocked Honor Talents. Don’t worry, there are not only bad things about choosing to prestige. You will get rewards. When you prestige you will earn titles and badges that show your Prestige Level, new skins for your Artifact, unique mounts and pets and a wearable faction pennant.

The new prestige system makes the Legion PvP gameplay more balanced. Even if you’re not striving for high ratings you still get your own rewards to chase.

But how do you get Legion PvP gear?

Blizzard is making huge changes of how gear affects PvP. All of your gear stats will be nullified and everything else your gear contributes with will be deactivated. This goes for trinkets as well. The only exception is Artifacts powers.

Instead of gear making all the difference, there will be a pre-determined set of stats for every single specialization. This is to bring balance to PvP and making it easier for those who join mid season. Also making PvP more about skill than grinding gear.
However, gear will still take a small part in PvP. Now it’s the average item level that will make the difference. If you’re item level average increases by one point, that will result in a 0.1% increase of your PvP stats.

Some other changes that the Legion PvP system is rewards at the end of seasons, gear that you can get by playing Battlegrounds or Arenas, two new Arena maps and shorter PvP seasons.