World of Warcraft: Legion gold guide review

Zygor’s Legion Gold Guide and Auctions Addon

When Zygor released their gold guide and auction house addon I was excited. Everybody who has used guides in the game before knows that Zygor is the most reliable provider of leveling guides and a lot of other ones. They have almost nine years of experience and have delivered countless guides for World of Warcraft as well as for other games. Their most recent ones about the popular Wildstar and Elder Scrolls Online. They even offer a free trial for their new legion gold guide and auction house addon.

My favorite part about the addon in general is that it doesn’t matter what your level or skills are. It provides you with tons of different ways on how to increase your gold optimized for the character you’re currently playing. Some of the methods include gold runs, gathering, crafting and farming. The auction methods are by far my favorite though. At least I get the feeling of being a real online trader. You buy heaps of stuff for a low price and put it right back up with a good profit margin. It will even show you which day is the best to put the auctions back up to get the most gold and what day to buy as cheap as possible.

Do you have an inner dwarf longing for gold?

To earn big bucks with the auction tool you will need some gold already but there are a lot of ways to get there with the addon. What I did to really try this gold guide out was to create a new character on a realm I never played on before. At level one it’s hard to make any real big bucks so lazy as I was I decided to buy some gold to get started. Because what I really wanted to try out was the auction tool. I went to one of those websites where you can purchase gold for real money and got myself 50k gold to start of with. The addon helped me analyze what items are best to purchase and then I went on a shopping spree. I sis the same thing with a bunch of different items and then sold everything on the day it was supposed to be the best time. I doubled my gold really fast. Maybe quicker than what I’ve ever done.

Here’s a  link to their website where you can sign up for a completely free seven day trial.

So, what’s included?

There is no denying the fact that World of Warcraft players are some of the most passionate gamers in the world. This passion means that most gamers want to reach the top levels of the game as quickly as possible. This desire to reach the higher levels have lead to an opportunity for experienced and expert players to create leveling guides that can help newer and less experienced players reach these levels more quickly.

Zygor guides is one of the top guides programs available for World of Warcraft gamers. The guides are installed within the game instead of just sent as e-books as was the norm in the past. Instead of having to consult a document while playing the game, Zygor guides are available directly on the screen while you are playing. The legion profession guide will ensure that you take the best possible path for your particular character every single time. For just $7.99 a month you can purchase an elite package that provides you with all 6 of theguides that are currently available. One of the six guides that is available is the Gold and Professions Guide.

About the Gold and Professions Guide

The legion gold guide offers the solution that you need in order to make a ton of gold during your World of Warcraft gaming experience. The guide will help you level up each of your professions so that they are at max skill level. Once your professions have reached the max skill level you can then use them in order to make mountains of gold.

Leveling up your professions can seem boring and quite tedious when going about it on your own. If you are like most gamers you just want to reach the skill cap as quickly as possible. This guide is just what you have been looking for in order to reach these goals. The zygor professions guide provides a step by step guide for every type of profession in the game, which means you can achieve your max skill level in as short amount of time as possible. In addition to showing you exactly how to level up your professions to reach max skill level in the quickest way possible, the gold and professions zygor guide will also provide you with a number of different tools that will help you master the use of the auction house to your benefit.

Overall, the gold and professions zygor is the perfect choice for players that enjoy a lot of variety during their game play. The gold runs section of the guide provides a way to make gold quickly and easily. The step by step system for leveling up professions combined with the paths to making gold quickly make this guide a must have for all serious World of Warcraft players. In addition, the gold runs are updated constantly, which means that you will always have the newest and best information at your fingertips for earning the most gold.

Link to Zygor's legion gold guide

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