Class Order Halls

Are Order Halls just another garrison?

Everyone had different opinions about the garrisons in Warlords of Draenor, but there are pros and cons with everything. For an example, the feature did isolate players from each other. All of a sudden players began to spend time in their own fortress instead of being AFK or active in a rumbling Orgrimmar, Stormwind or Dalaran. This became even more distinct since the large decline of subscribers in the game. With the launch of Legion and Order Halls (Class Order Halls) Blizzard will hopefully succeed in bringing people together once again.

Paladin Class Order Halls
Paladin’s Class Order Halls

No more loneliness

The Order Halls are practically bases where only one specific class can enter. Paladins will, for example, spend their time in their bastion underneath Light’s Hope Chapel.

The Order Halls will be similar to the garrison in a few ways. The follower system from the garrison will be improved and implanted in an interesting way. You will be able to recruit your own small group of Champions (followers) who are customizable and in some cases known characters from the lore of WoW. Another recency is that the champions will aid you on your own quests instead of doing their own thing on your command. I personally believe Blizzard has listened to the criticism of the garrison and I’m thrilled to experience the Order Halls in-game.

Short facts

  • The artifacts will be updated in the Order Halls.
  • There will be quests in the halls were every class fight the Legion by themselves rather than as factions.
  • An ability similar to the Death Knight’s Death Gate will be introduced with an unique feature for each class.
  • There will NOT be any Auction House or Banking.
  • In the Beta version of World of Warcraft Legion, Demon Hunters are the only ones that can communicate cross-faction in the Halls.