World of Warcraft gives you valuable skills

No, im not talking about skills as first aid och cooking. Of course, those are secondary skills you may learn and master in Azeroth. Other skills, such as leading a guild or raid, prove to be useful in your everyday life as well as in Legion. Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology recently made a study which concluded that some World of Warcraft players actually use their in-game skills in their “real” job too.

wow legion raiding can be difficult and easy


The study found that if you’re used to having a leading role in WoW legion, then you will most likely be able to translate that leadership into your everyday life as well. That means you’re a better at cooperating and leading, skills which are sought after at many companies around the globe. Not least the IT companies.

It’s based on answers and interviews from 288 players last year. One of the metrics was their achievement points and their progress in other aspects of the game, such as raiding and PVP. Then the researchers paired the parameters with information from the players jobs, and came with an the conclusion.

Why did they care about achievement points? The industrial psychology graduate student Elizabeth Short, answered:

“The more technologically ready you are, the more resilient around technology you are, the more adaptable you are, the more achievement points you have (in WoW). You could flip that,” she says. “The more achievements you have in game, the more technology savvy you are in real life. And that’s a good thing, especially in virtual communication teams and workplaces.”

If you’re interested in boosting your achievement points, you can have a look at our Zygor legion guide review, which includes a full achievement guide.





Demon Hunter part two

Demon Hunters looks really cool and people are thrilled to play them. But is the gameplay as we expect it?

Two specs

What we have learned so far is that Demon Hunters will be playable in two specializations: Havoc and Vengeance. Havoc will be the damage dealing way of playing, while Vengeance will be the choice for tanks. Either specialization you pick; Demon Hunters will be one of the most mobile classes in Legion. They will not only have a double jump, but also a glide ready for use at any moment. This will come handy while leveling in Legion, since there will be loads of noxious lava pits to avoid.


Demon Hunters will naturally be melee fighters as they use war blades, and therefore much of your time will be spent close to your enemies. They also possess attacks with crowd control, such as ‘Eye Beam’ in which the Demon Hunter removes his blindfold and bursts nearby enemies with the madness of his naked eyes. Be sure to check out the interview with 



The quest system will not endure any larger differences considering the starting zone for Demon Hunters. The quests are similar to the Death Knight’s in the Scarlet Enclave, but with a focus on gathering Illidan’s allies the Nagas, Felblood Elves and others to form a coalition. The quests are widely about helping these factions to get their forces in on the plan and clear the way for them. At some particular moments these factions was in need of some of the Demon Hunter’s abilities, such as when the ability ‘Spectral Sight’ was needed to detect enemies inside a cave.


Additional to these solo quests, there will also be new areas open in WoW Legion. Aszuna, Dalaran, Highmountain, Stormheim and many others will be among the now zones. Players will wander the new Class Halls (and defeat demon invasions inside them with their own class buddies).


Demon Hunters will be released to those who pre-order Legion. This has been confirmed, but not the exact dates though. Rumours say that they will be playable sometime in the first two weeks of August. However, we do know that World of Warcraft: Legion will be released on the 30th of August, so don’t you dare plan to do anything that day.

You can always learn more about Demon Hunters at wowwiki.

Class Order Halls

Are Order Halls just another garrison?

Everyone had different opinions about the garrisons in Warlords of Draenor, but there are pros and cons with everything. For an example, the feature did isolate players from each other. All of a sudden players began to spend time in their own fortress instead of being AFK or active in a rumbling Orgrimmar, Stormwind or Dalaran. This became even more distinct since the large decline of subscribers in the game. With the launch of Legion and Order Halls (Class Order Halls) Blizzard will hopefully succeed in bringing people together once again.

Paladin Class Order Halls
Paladin’s Class Order Halls

No more loneliness

The Order Halls are practically bases where only one specific class can enter. Paladins will, for example, spend their time in their bastion underneath Light’s Hope Chapel.

The Order Halls will be similar to the garrison in a few ways. The follower system from the garrison will be improved and implanted in an interesting way. You will be able to recruit your own small group of Champions (followers) who are customizable and in some cases known characters from the lore of WoW. Another recency is that the champions will aid you on your own quests instead of doing their own thing on your command. I personally believe Blizzard has listened to the criticism of the garrison and I’m thrilled to experience the Order Halls in-game.

Short facts

  • The artifacts will be updated in the Order Halls.
  • There will be quests in the halls were every class fight the Legion by themselves rather than as factions.
  • An ability similar to the Death Knight’s Death Gate will be introduced with an unique feature for each class.
  • There will NOT be any Auction House or Banking.
  • In the Beta version of World of Warcraft Legion, Demon Hunters are the only ones that can communicate cross-faction in the Halls.

The new Legion PvP system – No honor gear?

Along with the new expansion Legion, Blizzard will release a completely new Legion PvP system. In the new Honor system you will no longer grind for honor to purchase gear with but instead gain Honor Levels that allows you to add talents in a PvP talent tree.

The new system is a lot like Call of Duty’s where you gain levels and when you hit the maximum level you can prestige, in other word start over.

Here’s how it really works:

Now while earning Honor you will increase your Honor Level instead. The maximum level is 50 and for each level you increase you will be rewarded. The rewards will be talents available for PvP only, artifact powers and gold. The Honor Talents works like the regular talent tree where you can add new specs as you level. Theses talents will be completely limited to PvP though and will not work outside Arenas or Battlegrounds.

When you’ve reached the maximum Honor Level of 50 you will be able to prestige if you want to. This will set your Honor Level back to one and remove all of your unlocked Honor Talents. Don’t worry, there are not only bad things about choosing to prestige. You will get rewards. When you prestige you will earn titles and badges that show your Prestige Level, new skins for your Artifact, unique mounts and pets and a wearable faction pennant.

The new prestige system makes the Legion PvP gameplay more balanced. Even if you’re not striving for high ratings you still get your own rewards to chase.

But how do you get Legion PvP gear?

Blizzard is making huge changes of how gear affects PvP. All of your gear stats will be nullified and everything else your gear contributes with will be deactivated. This goes for trinkets as well. The only exception is Artifacts powers.

Instead of gear making all the difference, there will be a pre-determined set of stats for every single specialization. This is to bring balance to PvP and making it easier for those who join mid season. Also making PvP more about skill than grinding gear.
However, gear will still take a small part in PvP. Now it’s the average item level that will make the difference. If you’re item level average increases by one point, that will result in a 0.1% increase of your PvP stats.

Some other changes that the Legion PvP system is rewards at the end of seasons, gear that you can get by playing Battlegrounds or Arenas, two new Arena maps and shorter PvP seasons.


Demon Hunters – what do we know?

As we all know, Blizzard will introduce a new hero class for Legion: Demon Hunters. We’ve got an alpha key for the expansion and this is what we know about the class for the moment.

Main facts:

  • Demon Hunters are elves. That means they can only be played as Night Elves or Blood Elves.
  • They can wear cloth and leather. Preferably leather.
  • It’s a Hero Class. Death Knights starts at level 55 and Demon Hunters will start at level 98 to be able to jump right into action.
  • Available specs will be Havoc (for DPS) and Vengeance (for Tanking). There will only be two specs.
  • Weapons: They will use glaive weapons for both slots. There will be information about this later on in the article.

Customization of Demon Hunters:

Demon Hunters will obtain the largest amount of customization options out of any class in Legion. During n interview at BlizzCon, Chris Robinson (Senior Art Director at Blizzard) said that they used Death Knights as a base for customization, and then added another “30% epicness”. A few of many options to be available are:


– Chest tattoos in a handful different colors and shades.

– Loads of options for horn and blindfolds.

– A unique mash of skin tones and hair colors, just as Death Knights.

– Demon Hunter gear will be custom made to uncover muscles and tattoos.




Demon Hunters will, just as the other classes, be able to use powerful Artifact weapons in Legion. There are some glimpses of information about these yet – but we will serve you everything we know. The Artifact weapon you start with will have one base appearance, with several additional choices to be unlocked during the game. Every weapon will have 5 styles for each spec and 4 different colors.


Demonfused and starter              Flametouched                              Empowered                                      Default                            Fanged

Picture from

Watch all the Demon Hunter Artifacts weapons in the video below:


World of Warcraft: Legion – Guide of the plot

Neither Horde nor Alliance are safe when doom arrives and a great shadow is cast all over Azeroth. In this completely new part in the saga of Warcraft, the Burning Legion has returned once again to bring their former fallen hero, Sargeras, Ravager of Worlds, forth.
As Azeroth is falling to pieces by the wrath of the Burning Legion, it’s heroes must seek cover in the old ruins of the Broken Isles, the starting ground for myths dating back to the days of creation and the doomed center of the ancient Night Elf civilization. Without hope and against all odds they must master legendary artifacts that only them have the potential to put an end to the corrupted armies of the legion. Also make a pact with the dread Demon Hunters of the Illidari.


The famous Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage

World of Warcraft: Legion is set after the events of the previous expansion and it returns the focus to the main universe where all the heroes brace Azeroth to protect it form a large invasion by the Burning Legion. To prevent the attempt of bringing back Sargeas to the world the heroes must retrace all the steps of Maiey Shadowsong back to the Broken Isles. She chased Illidan into the Tomb of Sargeras when trying to find some of the forgotten tools for the new fight. Like the Pillars of Creation. Another thing they need to find is a new portal in the island chain that Gul’dan once opened. Gul’Dan who is a powerful orc warlock comes from the alternate timeline of Draenor and know more about the place than any living creature.

During the final stages of Warlords of Draenor , the Horde and Alliance forces working together believe they put a stop to Gul’Dan’s attempt of bringing the Burning Legion to the alternate timeline in Azeroth. They were wrong. Khadgar fortells that he was in fact not destroyed when the assault on Hellfire Citadel happened, but sent back to Aeroth, the main timeline. There he has discovered new ways for bringing the Burning Legion over in an attack against Azeroth. With the goal to summon the creator of the Legion, Sargeras.
The Legion has been in hiding growing their army much larger in preparation for their third attempt to invade Aeroth.


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Guide to World of Warcraft: Legion flying mounts

In the past expansions, we’re used to get to know the new locations by ground mounts. Will it be the same for Legion?

World Of Warcraft players won’t have to walk everywhere for too long when the new exciting expansion Legion is released. The designer which name is Ion Hazzikostas even says that we will be able to use our flying mounts while exploring the new zones.

It was during one of the live developer chats when he confirmed that players later will be able to earn their right to fly by completing a special achievement.
We will have to wait until Patch 7.0 for the achievement to be introduced. That is the major patch before the release of World of Warcraft: Legion. Even though this won’t be necessary before the expansion goes live it might give you headway to plan you’re questing route since you know the requirements.

We’ve had flying mount since we were introduced of them by the first expansion pack. Here the principle was that you had to hit the new level cap and then getting a lot od gold for the flight skill.

The expansion in action right now, Warlords of Draenor, was the first to put an end to the tradition by removing the right to fly. It was said to increase the outdoor feeling of the game, and they are right: Everything becomes bigger with room for a lot of exploration, more secrets and the feeling of being unsafe from time to time.

For some players this was an outrage. Not only was the community angry because they lost the privilege of flying everywhere but a lot of them also much time collecting gold to purchase flying mounts.

These surprises made Blizzard completely rethink their plans. Because of that they added achievements with a lot of treasure-hunting that allowed players to fly in the Warlords of Draneor zones while finished with them. That’s why we’ve come to the conclusion that the achievements will be similar in World of Warcraft: Legion. Guides will of course be provided for the players.

The first thing at least I did while hitting the level cap before was running of and buying the flying skill and mount. Even though I won’t be able to that this time there’s still a lot to look forward to when hitting the max level. Tall of the new dungeons, raids and the honor system seems great and I’m actually looking forward to completing the achievements that’s required to fly as well. Sure it might take some time but there will be a lot of fun while doing it.