World of Warcraft: Legion Guide Review

Are you looking to get ahead of the pack in World of Warcraft and become the richest, most fearsome and most powerful you can be in the minimum amount of time?

As they say… knowledge is power!

This summer the new World of Warcraft expansion: Legion will be released. General information, news and Legion guide reviews are just a few of the things you will be able to take part of on this website.

Nothing can make you lose interest of a new expansion quicker than finding yourself not knowing what to do, where to go, or being stuck grinding the same monsters for hours. For these reasons more and more player tend to get some form of strategy guide or leveling guide. If you are new to these type of things they are simply an addon, which walks you through the game via routes that are custom made to save as much time as possible. And of course in the case of leveling guides, let you enjoy the end game.

The most popular maker of guides like this is Zygor Guides. They have been creating guides for years for World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar. With the upcoming expansion we got a hold of a review copy of the World of Warcraft: Legion guide for leveling to test out during the beta stage.
Here follows a quick World of Warcraft: Legion guide review about or perspective on the guide.

Content and Leveling Speed

Zygor’s World of Warcraft: Legion Guide for leveling is available for both of the different factions in the game, Alliance and Horde. The guide is designed to take you from level 1 to 110 as fast as possible using special questing routes specified for faction and class. But the Legion guide for leveling gives you freedom as well by automatically detecting what stage you’re on and updating the route depending on what level you are. This way you can take breaks from questing and do some leveling with dungeons or battlegrounds if you wish.


World of Warcraft: Legion - guide review

Software and Features

The Legion leveling guide offered by Zygor is completely integrated with the game. You have a waypoint arrow showing you the location of what you should do next all the time. What quest to accept or turn in, monsters to kill, items to collect for quests and even items to pick up to use in later quests saving you tons of time. Previously when I’ve tried other guides they tend to be either too minimalist, without any real details to follow, or too big and ugly, taking up almost the entire screen with very few options to anything about it. Zygor’s World of Warcraft: Legion leveling guide is a really nice balance of both.

The directions and objectives are shown in small text bellow the waypoint arrow. But you are also able to click on it and get windows of information about the quests if you so desire. My favorite part about it however is being able to start using it wherever you are in the game. Sorry for repeating myself but I have never come upon any other guide that can do this. Do I want to level up one of my alts currently stuck on level 74? Well if so, I just login to the character and the addon detects exactly where to start of.

Technical Support and Community

I’ve only had one issue so far. I had another waypoint arrow addon installed which caused a bit of trouble. But since I had the Zygor one I just deactivated it and everything worked perfect. No problem with any of my other addons. The support you’re able to get on their forums has been really good and it’s nice knowing you have somewhere to turn if you encounter any problems. Even though I barely have.

Overall impression:

With their years and years of experience creating guides, testing them out, and getting feedback Zygor has succeeded in making a near perfect World of Warcraft: Legion leveling guide. I forgot to mention this isn’t just about leveling either. They have in game addon-guides for making gold, getting achievements and doing daily quests.

I’m going to continue using this guide when Legion finally is released to be sure to be one of the first players to reach the new level cap on my realm.

Try Zygor for free using the link below:


Introducing Zygore Elite

Zygor Elite is a membership package that will give you the most powerful information and help you to really get an edge. Zygor Guides has been selling guides for World of Warcraft since 2008 and Zygor Elite is the most powerful offer yet giving you access to six guides in total covering every aspect of the game.

These beautifully presented guides cover:

  • Levelling and loremaster
  • Gold and professions
  • Pets and mounts
  • Dailies and reputation
  • Titles and achievements
  • Dungeons and gear
  • Etiquette and much more!
World of Warcraft: Legion - guide review(The banner leads to more information on their website)


Whether you are new to WoW or you have been around since the early days, you will find tons of information herein that will help you to level up quickly, to collect rare loot, to amass great riches and to find your way around. There’s so much to discover in WoW that even experts will find a huge amount of value here.

This package covers both factions (Alliance and Horde) and can help to transform your game so that you become a truly unstoppable warrior and a force to be reckoned with – without the painful grinding. We don’t always get what we want in the real world, but with these guides behind you, you can start giving the orders in the virtual one!

In particular, the package gives a lot of attention to the Legion Expansion so you’ll get all the latest and most up to date information on the game that other guides may not cover.

What’s Included and What to Expect

As mentioned, the Zygor Elite package contains six guides in total which have a combined retail value of $300 – only you’ll be getting it for much less by becoming an elite member!

What’s more though is that you’ll also get a slew of tools and other benefits that will help to ensure you’re the first to 100 in your guild and that you gain access to some very powerful relics. For instance, you’ll gain access to a 3D model viewer that will allow you to examine every single mob and object that you’re trying to find or kill. This is incredibly useful – not to mention fascinating!

You’ll also have a team of experts available to help you if you have any technical difficulties or questions. It’s like having your own support crew helping you while you’re out in the field!

But the guides themselves are where the true value lies. Zygor Guides make the best guides you can find and these will provide you with all the tricks you need to progress very quickly, to gather tons of gold and to minimize grinding!

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to jump in and get started? Membership costs only $7.99 but you can also give the membership a test drive with our free trial.

Give it a go and become an elite!


Legion pre patch

Blizzard Entertainment’s amazing-looking World of Warcraft Legion pre patch (patch 7.0.3), has just gone live and it’s very bit as good as fans of the MMORPG hoped.

This patch is the first to start the story of Legion and will provide players with a range of additional features prior to the official launch of the expansion on August 30. Some of these features are live right now, while others are set to be introduced over the next several weeks in the lead-up to the release.

These features will be available to everyone, except for the Demon Hunter class early access, which require users to first pre-order the expansion.


World of Warcraft: Legion - guide review

So what’s new?

The first thing you’ll notice on loading up the patch, is that some big changes have been made to each of the classes. New spells are now available and so too are some new talents. This is already giving players the opportunity to see how their characters will perform in the full expansion when it lands.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is the new ‘transmogrification’ system. This feature will allow players to ‘transmog’ to different armor skins without ever having worn it previously. This will come as a big relief to players who currently have banks filled with old equipment that they were keeping just in case they wanted to switch back to those skins. This new system is much more similar to Guild Wars 2’s Wardrobe system; you just acquire a piece of armor once and from then on, it will be available in your collections.

Blizzard released the following statement on the subject: “With the Legion pre-expansion patch, every piece of gear that is bound to your character permanently unlocks that item’s appearance for you. Even if you sell or destroy the item, you’ll always be able to look through the new Appearances tab in the Collections window to find its look.


Legion pre patch


Another cool feature that comes with the patch is the option to queue for dungeons, raids, arenas and battlegrounds with any available role (Damage, Healer or Tank), while they can continue playing with their current role. So you can queue for a dungeon raid where you’ll take on the role of Healer, while in the meantime you’ll be able to use your Damage spec for grinding and questing.

Blizzard also states that it has taken on board complaints regarding prior expansions, such as Warlords of Draenor which offered something of a dearth in content. This time, things look set to be different.

Demon Hunter Early Access

As mentioned, those who pre-ordered the full expansion will also have the opportunity to try the Demon Hunter early access content. This is not available yet but should be around in the first few weeks of August (we’re promised it will be no later than August 17). Here, players will start at level 98 and will be transported to the fel-shattered realm of Mardum. Of course, they’ll be playing the titular Demon Hunter and will first have to complete the starting experience before joining fellow combatants in a battle against the Legion.

Craving for more information? Learn everything there is to know about the legion pre patch at Gamepedia.


The new expansion will take place back in Azeroth where Illidan has been found again. This time by Gul’dan.

From what we’ve heard so far there’s a lot to look forward too. The Broke Isles, raised level cap, Demon Hunters and extra character slots are just a few of the things that will change the gaming experience.

It’s getting close now and there’s tons of preparation to do before the new expansion is released. We’re going to stack up food and drinks and make sure we don’t have to leave the building for at least a week after the release date. Another thing everyone should to to prepare is to get some information on what to do as soon as you can play. How to level up faster and what to avoid to save time. Below I’ve listed five sites to visit before the release.


Login screen for world of warcraft legion guide review


Top 5 websites to visit for leveling in the new expansion.


The Wowhead website is one of the best sites out there to gather information about the game. They are quick with adding new information regarding the newest expansions and their databse is huge.

The website contains information about specific subjects like quests, npcs and items. The community is also good and there’s a big amount of players longing for a Word of Warcraft: Legion guide.


WoW Insider

In our opinion Wow Insider is probably the absolute best blog regarding the game and the new expansion World of Warcraft: Legion. You can quickly find articles, guides, tips and tricks to make the gaming experience better.


WoW Wiki

This is the place place to visit if you want a deep understanding about the game. Think of Wikipedia but 100% dedicated to WoW.

Blizzard’s official website

Of course you’ve though of this but it’s more useful than most people think. The website is absolutely great for gathering information about the changes in the game and the latest news. If you’re interested about the new patches or expansions, like World of Warcraft: Legion, this is the site to visit.

Zygor Guides

It’s maybe not as obvious as the others but the most helpful of them all. If you don’t want to waste time and strive to get to the top level at a raging speed you will need to pick up a professional Word of Warcraft: Legion guide for leveling. They offer strategy guides that are fully integrated with the game. It works like an addon and shows you all the steps you need to take to get ahead. You can be sure of having a huge advantage.

I’ve just read that they will add a monthly-based membership where you will have access to every single one of their guides. So instead of paying a lot of money for a single guide you’ll be able to pick the all up for a really small fee. They even promise free updates for every future expansion. All of the guides, including the World of Warcraft: Legion leveling guide, is completely legal and safe to use. The biggest downside with this for me at the start was the need to pay a few bucks. But when I quickly realized it saved me days if not weeks of in-game time to get where I wanted it was nothing. So I decides to buy two instead of three bags of chips one Friday night and it paid itself off in no time at all.



World of Warcraft: Legion - guide review

If you want to read another World of Warcraft: Legion guide review check out the review tab on the menu!

Here’s some general information regarding the new expansion:

* Demon Hunter: The new exciting class.
* Once again they raise the level cap. This time to level 100.
* A 12th character slot.
* The Broken Isles:
* A completely renewed progression system for PvP.
* Of course there will be a lot of new dungeons and raids.
* Launch of new Order Halls specified to the different classes.

The new class system

There will be a lot of changes of the class system in this expansion. Blizzard has made an effort to make each spec feel unique and increase differences between them. Every spec in every class will have a unique weapon that is thought of to be the ultimate weapon for that specific talent tree.

  • Priests: The discipline priest will change to a more offensive healing spec. They will still make a lot of their heals through DPS and they will add much to it. For example if they single heal someone it will place a buff on that character that will heal them extra every time they Smite someone.
  • Hunters: There will be a lot of changes in the Hunters specs. If you go for Markmanship you will a ranged player but unable to use a pet. For Beast Mastery you will be a ranged character with a pet. Lastly, survival will specialize in melee combat with a pet.
  • Warlocks: Destruction will have a burst type of damage. Demonology is going to be a master of beast and will summon demons rather than becoming them. Affiction will be a master of dots.
  • Rogues: Combat will have a feeling of pirates. Subtlety will have a ninja type theme. Assassination will focus on poisons.

New class: Demon Hunter

If you want to be a Demon Hunter you will have to play as either a blood elf or a night elf. Similar to Death Knight this will be a hero class but this time it will start at level 98, with both DPS and tank specs available.  The armor a Demon Hunter can use will be cloth and leather, but we advise you to use leather. For weapons they will have two spots, both available for glaive weapons.

In this official video you can find out more about the new expansion.